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13 Best Unfollow Apps for Instagram in 2024 (Free & Paid)

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Instagram is Gen Z’s favorite social platform, so your Instagram business profile’s follower-to-following ratio reveals a lot about you and your true online success. Someone visiting your page can get the wrong impression about the caliber of your profile when they notice that you only have half as many followers as the people you follow. So cleaning up your inactive Instagram audience regularly is very important.

If you’re a visual content creator or an influencer looking to engage and entice paying sponsors to your profile, this might be especially important for you. Sponsors are interested in knowing if people are considering the value you can provide, and it might be a dealbreaker for them when considering the potential collaboration. Additionally, you might have participated in a campaign to increase your Instagram following, only to be flooded with a large number of fake followers, ghost accounts, or bots. With faulty IG marketing being so popular today, this is unfortunately rather frequent. That’s why using the best unfollow app for Instagram to always keep track of your actual audience is crucial in 2024, considering recent algorithm updates. For more tips and best practices — don’t miss our Complete Guide on Mastering Instagram Marketing in 2024!

Below we’ve discussed the top 13 best free unfollow apps for Instagram to consider in 2024.

Best Unfollow Apps for Instagram

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How to Choose the Best Unfollow App for Instagram?

If you are asking what’s the best unfollow app for Instagram in 2024, here are qualities to look for:

Friendly User Interface

The best unfollow app for Instagram should have a friendly user interface. This means that the app should be easy to use and understand without the need for any complicated instructions. The best unfollow app for Instagram will be simple and will have a clear user interface so that even complete beginners could start using it in no time. For iPhone users, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to an Instagram unfollow app. Discover feature-rich apps designed specifically for iPhone devices, offering seamless follower management and analytics. Stay connected and manage your followers on the go. If you’re an Android user, worry not! There are numerous Instagram unfollow apps tailored to Android devices. From tracking unfollowers to gaining insights into your audience, these apps provide a user-friendly experience, empowering you to take control of your Instagram presence.

Social Graph

Social Graph is another vital point you must consider while choosing the best unfollow app for your Instagram. It will help you understand your followers’ popularity and their profile. So, if you have more than 100 followers, this feature will be useful.

Followers List

The best Instagram unfollow apps usually show a list of followers who have unfollowed you in the past few days using this technology-based app feature. You need to enter their name, profile picture, and other details like username, etc., so that you can easily find them in your list later on and see if they follow you back again or not. So, if you were always wondering how to see who unfollowed you on Instagram, with a dedicated “unfollowers for Instagram” app it won’t be a problem.

Easy to Create Subscriptions

With the best free unfollow app for Instagram, you can usually easily create subscriptions and follow people manually as well. This allows you to customize your list of followers, making it easier to manage your account and keep track of who is following you back on Instagram.

Support Multiple Accounts

The best unfollow app for Instagram will normally support multiple accounts so that you can manage multiple accounts at once, without having to log into each one separately. This is especially useful if you are trying out different accounts or want a different account than your main account to see all of your posts in chronological order rather than in reverse chronological order as they appear on Instagram’s feed page by default. Alternatively, you can go about by using one of the top dedicated app cloning software that can help keep track of multiple accounts.

So What Is The Best Unfollow App for Instagram in 2024?

1. Nitreo

Nitreo Unfollow Tracker App Dashboard

Nitreo is an award-winning Instagram organic growth and unfollow tracker app that has been around for a while. This means that they have had their ups and downs and hence are well aware of what their clients require in order to succeed on Instagram.

This Instagram Follow & Unfollow management app is the best all-in-one platform with all the features you need to start, run, and grow your Instagram faster.

This Instagram following tracking app makes sure your Instagram accounts keep growing, without any of the hassles you’d normally associate with an Instagram growth service, such as bots, fake or ghost accounts, mass unfollowing, or even penalties from the Instagram team. Nitreo is incredibly easy for you to set up. Start by hooking up your Instagram account, specify your niche, and sit back while Nitreo gives your account a well-deserved push. No bought followers, no fake accounts – none of that. Every profile you engage with using the Nitreo app is real, meaning every follower and like you get from working with Nitreo is genuine.

Being such a great comprehensive Instagram growth and management, rather than just an unfollow app, Nitro is not free like some other apps in the list, and it comes with a price, but we think it’s very well worth it.

Price: Starts from $49 per month or $79 for a more advanced plan (Great choice for commercial & business accounts)

In-App Purchases: No

iconosquare - best instagram unfollower app

iconosquare – Instagram Follower Tracker & Analytics App

Whether it’s tracking your Instagram followers or scheduling your next post, Iconosquare is the go-to platform for many professionals. Known for its advanced analytics and reporting, post scheduling, collaboration tools, and most up-to-date AI-powered capabilities, Iconosquare is much more than just the best Instagram unfollow app; it’s a comprehensive solution that makes the life of a social media marketer way easier.

With an interface that’s easy to navigate, Iconosquare allows you to effortlessly monitor who’s following you and who’s decided to part ways. It’s the perfect tool for those seeking an efficient and reliable solution for tracking their Instagram unfollowers.

What sets Iconosquare apart is its commitment to providing all-inclusive access to its industry-leading features. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a free or premium solution, Iconosquare offers flexible pricing plans to cater to all budgets. Every user, regardless of the plan they choose, gets full access to all the features, meaning you get more bang for your buck.

But Iconosquare is more than just an Instagram unfollow tracker. With its real-time updates and comprehensive reports, it offers valuable insights into your overall follower dynamics. This makes it an excellent tool not just for tracking unfollowers, but also for understanding your audience better.

Trusted by more than 10,000 satisfied customers around the world, Iconosquare allows you to focus on your content strategy while it takes care of the rest. With actionable insights and advanced analytics at your fingertips, you can create effective strategies that resonate with your audience.

As we look forward to 2024 and beyond, Iconosquare continues to be a promising solution for Instagram users worldwide. With its rich feature set, it’s poised to remain a top choice for those seeking the best app to check unfollowers on Instagram and manage their social media presence efficiently.

In summary, if you’re seeking the best unfollow app for Instagram, Iconosquare stands out as a superior choice. It’s not just an app to unfollow on Instagram; it’s a comprehensive tool that offers advanced analytics, post-scheduling, collaboration tools, and more. With Iconosquare, managing your Instagram follower dynamics has never been easier.

Price: iconosquare offers 3 affordable plans to choose from, starting from only $49. All plans benefit from unlimited access to every Iconosquare feature — you just need to choose how many social profiles you want to manage. (Instagram profile, Facebook Page, Twitter profile, LinkedIn page, TikTok profile)

In-App Purchases: No

Sign up for a free 14-day trial here, and get a 15% discount at the checkout with our Code: [Promo15]

Bot Removal - best app for unfollowing on instagram

Bot Removal – App for Unfollowing Bots & “Ghosts” on Instagram

Are you wondering what is the best free unfollow app for Instagram for an iPhone in 2024? One of the best software to unfollow on Instagram is Bot Removal or GhostHunter as it used to be previously called. This online Instagram spam and fake followers tracker app and mass unfollow app can assist you in quickly cleaning your profile from fake, inactive, and irrelevant followers, as well as blocking and deleting spam comments, unwanted tags, and direct requests. By doing this and removing business profiles, spammers, and ghost accounts you are leaving only the genuine followers and increasing your Instagram reach, visibility, interaction, and audience engagement.

Although Bot Removal is not one of the Instagram follower tracker apps that you need to download on your phone, but rather an in-browser website, it is really effective and free, and it may assist you with customizing security settings and safeguarding your account from phishing and spam. These days, having a clean and honest Instagram profile is very important, so having an Instagram tracking solution like this behind you is priceless. Just go to the Bot Removal platform page, submit your username, and start the scan identifying and removing ghost, fake, and inactive followers for you. Forget about spam, unwanted followers, and comments. Users of the app can get a wealth of crucial information about their followers, including who is more recent, who does not even follow them back, and who already has blocked them.

In addition, you can view any likes that have been deleted as well as a ton of other crucial information for individuals looking to entertain their followers while also retaining their present following.

Price: The analysis is free, but the cleaning itself requires choosing one of the 3 friendly-priced plans. The prices start as low as $54, and the final price will be calculated individually, based on the access term you need and your account’s size.

In-App Purchases: Yes

Follow Those Simple Tips To Clean Up & Boost Your Instagram

If you’re searching for the right Instagram service that can unfollow users and protect your profile from bots and spam, the ideal choice is the Spamguard App. Their website describes itself as a solution for Instagram users to tidy up their profiles and block spam. They work well, especially for removing spam accounts and people who don’t reciprocate by following you. They even have an anti-spam sensor to stop unwanted commentators and followers from engaging with your Instagram profile.

They offer a free initial inspection so they can inform you precisely what you need without spending any money, which is my favorite aspect of these people. Several services available may help you clean out your Instagram account of business accounts, inactive followers, and bots, as well as improve the interaction and reach of your profile.

Price: Starts from $54 per month with a 14-day money-back guarantee

In-App Purchases: No

This Instagram unfollowing app accessible for iOS devices, InsTrack, deserves to be listed among the best unfollow apps for Instagram. It provides users with a truly vast range of choices and tools to better manage their accounts.

The users of this app have access to various information about their profiles and even post-scheduling tools in addition to monitoring how many individuals aren’t following them in return. However, you must utilize the paid edition of the program, which also offers many other capabilities, to cease following.

Price: Free

In-App Purchases: Yes

6. IG:dm

IG: dm is an app that can only be used on PCs and laptops. However, it does come in app versions optimized for MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

With the help of this best unfollow app for Instagram 2024, you can quickly control your Instagram Direct Messages; carry on a computer-based conversation. You can also turn off the read mark, see who isn’t following you in return, save Instagram videos, and quote messages.

The free edition, which may be obtained by clicking this link, contains all of the information we have discussed thus far. Additionally, a paid version with a 2-week free trial offers several features, such as managing multiple accounts, erasing sent messages, a dark theme, and others.

Price: Free

In-App Purchases: Yes

You can use the software Unfollowers for Instagram to learn who has liked and reacted to each of your Instagram posts. You’ve always wished you could keep up with your friends’ active lifestyles. Then this software will function properly.

This Instagram unfollow app for Android offers a lot of fantastic alternatives. Everyone who unfollowed you on Instagram will be visible to you. Simply click the “unsubscribe” button once to remove anyone who isn’t already a subscriber. Finally, you can search for unpopular and popular posts and view commenters’ names and content. Additionally, you will learn who does not enjoy your posts.

You may also use the program to quickly edit photos, create panoramas, add Instagram phrases, and add hashtags to the captions. You can upload colorful movies and write bright posts for the social network. The application can also examine any Instagram posts you find interesting. Because it is among the best in its category and has a user-friendly interface, users appreciate this software.

Price: Free

In-App Purchases: Yes

Top Unfollowers Tracker Apps

Image by Freepik

You can use the Unfollowers and Followers Tracker app to see every Instagram user who unfollows your blog. You can always keep track of who unfollowed you on Facebook. As a result, you may promptly delete any unwanted subscribers.

Here, you can build a separate list of potential dates. Additionally, you can see regular individuals interacting with their followers. You’ll be able to see who has recently visited your profile. Make several accounts simultaneously to ensure that you are completely informed of everything.

The software includes a lot of incredibly helpful features. You can keep an eye on your subscription fees. Depending on your interests, intriguing people will appear in your stream. It’s important to note that you will be able to tell right away who has blocked you.

Because it may also generate statistics and metrics on your account, users are delighted with this product. You need to use this program to fully comprehend what is happening on the social network and determine who is following you. Maybe you’ve had a long-standing interest in someone and want to know if they feel the same way about you and if they’ve looked at your profile. It’s high time you learned.

Price: Free

In-App Purchases: Yes

Both a free and a paid version are offered. This Instagram unfollow app for iPhone gives you a plethora of knowledge about your followers, including people who are only browsing your account without following you. Unfollowing them is much simpler with Followers Pro+.

Additionally, there is a useful search function, a means to keep track of new and lost followers, and a way to see who you are not following back. There are many more control options in the paid version. If you’re an iPhone user, also check out our selection of the Best Offline Music Apps for iPhone and enjoy your music even with no connection.

Price: Free

best free unfollow app for instagram

Image by Freepik

In-App-Purchases: Yes

One of the finest ways to unfollow individuals on Instagram, it’s a terrific app for anyone who wants to see more steady development on the social media network. Users may find many details about their fans through the software, such as who is more recent, who does not even follow them back, and who has blacklisted them.

You can see any likes that have been deleted, along with a ton of other helpful information for people trying to maintain and expand their number of fans while also delighting their current audience. It is currently available for iPhone users to download through the App Store.

Price: Free

In-App Purchases: Yes

Want to unsubscribe a lot of users at once? Your app is Mass Unfollow for Instagram. Additionally, you can use it to delete all of your posts at once, including previously interacted-with posts. It’s a very helpful tool for clearing up accounts.

It conforms with Instagram’s rules and limits your followers’ removal to 200 per hour. This helps protect you and your profile from being penalized by ensuring the procedure is carried out per the guidelines.

Besides, ghost followers are presented separately so that you can unfollow them all with a single tap. Despite being free, the app does have advertisements. There is a cap on the number of unfollows you can receive. Both limitations can be lifted with in-app purchases – $1.99 for unlimited following and $1.99 for ad elimination.

Price: Free

In-App Purchases: Yes

Unfollow Gram is unquestionably among the top Instagram unfollow apps for Android. With a minimum of Fifty unfollows at a given period, this app for Instagram is suitable if you are wondering how to see who unfollowed you on Instagram, and it allows you to quickly delete a range of dormant and ghost accounts while adhering to Instagram restrictions.

You may use it to keep track of your friends’ followers, find people you’ve never followed before, and whitelist your favorite individualsasYou may add up to three distinct Instagram accounts in the basic version. Unfollow Gram is one of the only services that lets you manage several profiles from a centralized platform without charging you anything.

There are advertisements because it’s free, but you can get rid of them by getting an ad-free membership.

Price: Free

In-App Purchases: Yes

This tool specifically made to unfollow Instagram accounts in masse, is what you require. Your followers are divided into verified accounts, mutual followers, fans, and unfollowers. Any accounts you don’t want to deal with can be sorted through and deleted in bulk. During the process, bot and spam and bot profiles are also reviewed and eliminated.

With this best unfollow tracker app for Instagram, you may also analyze historical removal statistics, view profile photographs in HD, compare user data with several other Instagram accounts, and receive notifications about your account.

Price: Free

In-App Purchases: Yes

free instagram unfollow app

Key Takeaways on the Best Unfollow App for Instagram 2024

Unfollowing people on Instagram is one of the most common things that people do to get rid of those people who don’t follow back, as well as bots, fake profiles, and spammers that spoil your statistics and reputation for potential advertisers or partners. Thankfully, there are some best unfollow apps for Instagram in 2024 to choose from, that can help you unfollow those unwanted accounts without having to spend hours upon hours doing it all manually.

You may swiftly delete accounts from your followed list as long as you abide by the official Instagram guidelines, which many of these applications uphold. This is particularly useful if you’d like to find or delete some of the bot and spam ghost accounts that frequently appear on the site. People can piss you off by posting irrelevant comments when your following count is huge.

Curious about the best unfollow tracker app for Instagram? These apps offer in-depth analytics and tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor your follower growth, identify unfollowers, and make informed decisions. Stay on top of your Instagram strategy, create beautiful content with your smartphone, and cultivate a loyal Instagram following.

So what is the best unfollow app for Instagram you’d like to use?

Instagram spy viewer app

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