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Catch The Next Big Thing: The Top 21 New & Trending AI Tools of January 2024

The future is now, and artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just a concept in sci-fi novels but an integral part of our daily lives, and basically a household term for almost everyone with an internet connection or at least a TV.

From enhancing productivity to streamlining operations, AI is reshaping our world one tool at a time, constantly covering new use cases and offering solutions for more and more things we do daily. ChatGPT and MidJourney are cool and all, but if that’s about all you know about the capabilities of AI, you are lagging behind.

This month, we’re diving into the top 21 new and trending free AI tools and more premium options that are making waves in the industry right now. Those 21 tools are less known yet, some are still in their final stages of development, but they have great potential to become the best AI big thing and reshape how we work, live, and interact with technology, and even help us make more money!

So, buckle up, and let’s go on a tour of the AI landscape.

The 21 New & Trending AI Tools That Are Hot Right Now

Check out our video, entirely created and edited using only, another trending beginner-friendly AI video tool!

Xembly is your go-to tool for team collaboration.

Xembly is an AI-powered platform designed to streamline team collaboration. It’s an all-in-one solution that includes task management, team chat, and video calls, all powered by advanced AI technology.

Main Features:

  1. Task Management

  2. Team Chat

  3. Video Calls

Starting Price: Free, Plus, and Pro plans are available

Taskade makes organizing your workflows a breeze.

Taskade is an AI-driven platform that helps you organize your workflows. With its intuitive design and AI-powered features, managing projects has never been easier.

Main Features:

  1. Project Management

  2. Team Collaboration

  3. Workflow Organization

Starting Price: Starter, Pro, Enterprise, and Custom plans available

Motion is a personal AI assistant that works as hard as you do.

Motion is an AI assistant designed to help you manage your schedule, tasks, and reminders. It’s your personal assistant who works 24/7, ensuring you stay on top of your game. It’s one of the best free AI tools for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Main Features:

  1. Schedule Management

  2. Task Reminders

  3. Personal Assistant

Starting Price: Free with in-app purchases is personalizing the way we communicate digitally with their brand-new AiPin device.

AiPin by is changing the game in digital communication. This physical wearable device in the form of a pin, uses AI to make virtual interaction more personal and engaging, enhancing your digital communication experience. The AiPin acts as your personal assistant, reminding you of important tasks, helping you manage your schedule, and even taking calls on your behalf.

Main Features:

  1. Virtual Communication

  2. AI-Powered Interaction

  3. Personalized Experience

Starting Price: Contact for pricing

Your truly virtual assistant.

Libby talks to all your leads so you don’t have to, gets all the needed information about them, qualifies the actual potential customers from the rest by checking if they meet your preset criteria, and automatically schedules a meeting or a demo in your calendar. It can also create and organize the lead details into notes and tables, and integrate into your current CRM, Google Sheets, Salesforce, HoneyBook, and many other tools.

Main Features:

  1. Automatic Lead Processing & Qualification

  2. Gathering Information, Making & Organizing Notes

  3. Automatic Meetings Scheduling On Your Calendar

Starting Price: Free AI Software (Free plan available)

That said If you still prefer to schedule your own meetings and demos, check the link in the description for our comprehensive guide on the best scheduling software tools for business.

New & trending AI tools to use in 2024

Danelfin is your AI-powered stock picker.

Danelfin uses Explainable Artificial Intelligence to rate stocks and ETFs, providing you with insights to make informed investment decisions, and making it one of the absolute best AI tools to make money in 2024 and beyond.

Main Features:

  1. Stock Rating

  2. ETF Rating

  3. Investment Insights

Starting Price: Free, Plus, and Pro plans are available

CopyMonkey, your AI buddy for Amazon listing optimization.

CopyMonkey uses AI to generate and optimize Amazon listings, aiming to achieve organic first-page ranking.

Main Features:

  1. Amazon Listing Generation

  2. Listing Optimization

  3. Organic Ranking

Starting Price: Starter, Pro, Enterprise, and Custom plans available

Reply seamlessly with AutoResponder.

AutoResponder is an AI tool for sending automatic replies to messengers, making your digital communication more efficient and your customer experience even more pleasant and smooth, making it one of the best new AI tools for businesses.

Main Features:

  1. Automatic Replies

  2. Messenger Integration

  3. Efficient Communication

Starting Price: Contact for pricing

Create content effortlessly with Blaze.

Blaze is an AI tool for creating content effortlessly and quickly, including blog posts, social media content, ad copy, and marketing briefs in your brand voice.

Main Features:

  1. Blog Post Creation

  2. Social Media Content

  3. Ad Copy and Marketing Briefs

Starting Price: Free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans available

Experience therapy like never before with FreeAITherapist.

FreeAITherapist is an AI tool offering a free therapy service, making mental health services accessible to everyone.

Main Features:

  1. Free Therapy

  2. Mental Health Support

  3. Accessible Care

Starting Price: Free

Top New And Trending AI Tools To Learn in 2024

Stay ahead of stock market trends with Uptrends.

Uptrends is one of the top AI tools to make money — this AI tool for stock market news aiming to find important chatter in the stock market. Keep your investments ahead of the game with Uptrends. ai tools to make money

Main Features:

  1. Stock Market News

  2. Investment Insights

  3. Trend Analysis

Starting Price: LIMITED, BASIC, and PRO plans available

Write and chat like a pro with Clap.

Clap is an AI tool for writing with a focus on providing a distraction-free, seamless typing experience. That’s a great tool for content writers, copywriters, students, or anyone who needs to quickly produce high volumes of quality written content. It helps you focus and produce high-quality content. It’s like having your own personal writing assistant. For more great writing tools, check out our dedicated guide on the best AI tools for copywriters and content writers.

Main Features:

  1. Distraction-Free Writing

  2. Seamless Typing Experience

Starting Price: Contact for pricing

Create training material in a jiffy with Guidde.

Guidde is an AI tool for creating training material, claiming to help teams create video documentation 11x faster.

Main Features:

  1. Fast Video Documentation

  2. Training Material Creation

Starting Price: Free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans available

Create an AI version of yourself with SecondSoul.

SecondSoul is a chatbot platform that allows users to create an AI version of themselves. It allows creators to offer 24/7 conversations to their fans. It learns from you and mimics your chatting style. It’s like having your digital twin working for you without weekends and holidays!

Main Features:

  1. Personalized Chatbot

  2. 24/7 Conversations

  3. Fan Engagement

Starting Price: Contact for pricing

Get the gist with SMRY.

TL;DR: SMRY is an AI tool for summarizing online articles, capable of bypassing paywalls for several news websites. Period 🙂

Main Features:

  1. Online Article Summarization

  2. Bypassing Paywalls

Starting Price: Contact for pricing

Turn selfies into professional headshots with Aragon AI.

Aragon AI is a Facebook and Instagram AI photo editing service that easily turns selfies into professional headshots using AI. In response to the overhyped AI trend Instagram is experiencing, Aragon decided to create a friendly photo art generator for Instagram or other social media that includes AI filters, Facebook or Instagram AI photo editing features, and an AI Instagram caption generator – all in one. If you still prefer to edit your photos yourself, however, check our review of the best photo editing software tools for desktop computers.

Main Features:

  1. Selfie to Professional Photo Transformation

Starting Price: Starter for $29 per person, Basic for $39 per person, Premium for $69 per person

Add life to your subtitles with is a tool that generates animated subtitles 🎞️ with emojis 🤩 for videos to add some life to your subtitles. ✨It helps make your content more engaging and accessible. You can think of it as an AI Instagram caption generator or a tool that easily and quickly creates AI captions for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and other popular platforms. It’s like having your own subtitle editor, that lets you effortlessly infuse some character and emotions into your dry subs. Also, you might be interested in our recent blog reviewing the cool AI tools that let you quickly turn text content into voiceovers in a matter of minutes!

Main Features:

  1. Animated Subtitles Creation

  2. Emoji Integration

Starting Price: Free Hobbyist package, Starter for $19 per month, Pro for $39 per month, and Enterprise for $79 per month

Streamline your business with Midday AI.

Midday AI offers features like file management, real-time profit/loss tracking, seamless preparation for your accountant, and AI-enhanced search and filters.

Main Features:

  1. File Management

  2. Real-Time Profit/Loss Tracking

  3. AI-Enhanced Search and Filters

Starting Price: Contact for pricing

Extract engaging clips from long-form videos with Munch.

Munch was inspired by the recent AI Instagram trend and YouTube AI craze with short captivating video clips — it offers a hassle-free AI video repurposing platform that extracts engaging and impactful clips from long-form videos and creates weeks’ worth of bite-size content for shorts, reels, stories, and ads from a single video. It’s like having a professional social media video editor on your team! This easy-to-use AI Instagram post generator will reuse and repackage your most engaging YouTube content into multiple different pieces to help you reach your most active followers regularly, boost your social media views, and scale your video creation volumes and quality.

Also, check out our updated guide on the best Instagram unfollow tracking apps to keep your audience relevant and up-to-date!

Main Features:

  1. Video Repurposing

  2. Engaging Clip Extraction

Starting Price: Contact for pricing

Boost Your Social Media with iconosquare

If you Market in Social Media — iconosquare is Another Must-try Tool!

Stay focused with music scientifically proven by

If you are anything like me then you probably also don’t go anywhere without your favorite playlist, but not all music is created equal. Popular mainstream music is made to grab your attention, making it hard to think and work, even if you don’t realize it.’s functional music is different and is designed from the bottom up to affect your brain and optimize your performance. uses music scientifically proven to increase focus and help you stay focused on your tasks by blending into the background so you can focus distraction-free… all while stimulating the brain with gentle rhythmic pulses in the music, that support sustained attention.

Main Features:

  1. Music for Focus

  2. Science-Backed Tracks

Starting Price: Monthly for $9.99 per month, and Yearly for $69.99 per year

Pencil is sketching a new future for ad creation.

Pencil is an AI Ad Generator designed to help brands and agencies create new ad variations swiftly and efficiently. With Pencil, the future of ad creation is here.

Main Features:

  1. Ad Creation

  2. AI-Enhanced Customization

  3. Speed and Efficiency

Starting Price: Plans start from $119/month

Bottom Line On The Hottest AI Tools In 2024

And there you have it – a complete overview of the top trending AI tools of 2024. From streamlining team collaboration to reinventing ad creation, from free artificial intelligence tools to premium business platforms, these 21 AI tools are transforming the way we work and interact in the digital world. The future of AI is here, and it’s more thrilling than we ever imagined. Stay tuned as we continue to explore groundbreaking AI tools in our upcoming posts.

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